Wednesday, February 27, 2008

With all these things going on

I feel it is right to postpone posting of these things.  There are alot of things.  When I post again, with chapters, from my house, I will post all the backlog.  After that I will edit this site back into composure.  Sorry for this.  I didn't see it coming, the internet is gone.  I have a number of chapters waiting to be deployed with no connection.  Please.  I am sorry.  Please, this is a one time thing in my 221 chapters left.  And I still work on it daily, but the posting is left in the lerch.  I am sorry.  So sorry.  I mean no disrespect.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chapter 7: I walk to the forest from the supermarket

I just finished delivering many boxes of bananas to a large supermarket half an hour outside of Boston.  There are woods next to the supermarket.  Some of the boxes were white, there was a new brand logo on them.  There were bananas on the box, of course.  There was a blue stripe.   I didn't recognize these boxes.  I take my gloves off when I am walking through the parking lot.

There is a black bird with an iradescent head and a yellow beak.  I know this bird is a european starling.  I walk to where the bird is standing in the parking lot.  It flies up and lands in a tree in the forest next to the supermarket.  

I put my gloves on the drivers seat.  I check off the location on the checklist.  I put my glasses on and walk towards the forest.  The bird is still in the tree.  I look at it's eye from where I am standing.  It flies deeper into the forest.  I climb the short chain link fence and walk into the forest.  The ground is muddy here.  I walk through the forest and find the bird in another tree. I stand at the base of the tree and look up at the bird.  I touch the tree with my hand.  The bird doesn't move.  I lean on the tree.  I grab a branch and it breaks.  I grab another and it is sturdy. 

I begin to climb up the tree.  I move up a few branches and look around.  I can see the supermarket better.  The bird flies from the tree and leaves the forest.  I continue climbing.   

I get to the branch the bird was on.  There are many body lengths between me and the ground.  I look down at the forest. There is an animals climbing up a tree near the tree I am in.  I make an animal noise at it.  It climbs down the tree and runs deeper into the forest.  I look at the supermarket through the forest.  I can see the back end of the top of supermarket.  There is a series of vents on the roof.  There is some garbage on the top of the supermarket. 


sorry about all this hesitation on this thing.  I have chapters lined up and I don 't want to put different ones up just as filler.  I will put up chapters as soon as I can.  Soo, soon there will be a good number of chapters put up here.  I will link to it from small animals.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chapter 6

I am having trouble transfer chapter6.  check back later, please, sorry about this.  I am working on re-establishing internet closer to me.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chapter 5: Moving from the hotel room to Geary's house

He calls a number from the newspaper laying on a bed in a hotel room. The phone rings eight times. The last ring happens very close to the ring before it. The answering machine picks up.

He thinks this voice sounds drunk. 'Hi, you have reached Geary. Leave a message and I'll get back to you.'

He leaves a message, 'Hello. My name is Lee Killen, and I am calling about the room for rent in your house. I have just flown in from overseas, and I am staying in a hotel right now. I have references, willing to put money down right away. I just want to have a place.'

He goes to sleep in the hotel bed with the tv on. When he wakes up there is a message. 'Hi. Lee. This is Geary, you called about the room for rent. Your message was convincing enough. I know how hard it is to find a place and I am willing to arrange something with you right away.

He checks out of the hotel and calls Geary.

New Characters

He, Lee

I, Garret



Lee from Northampton

Emma from Northampton



A-1, Vince





The Juice, Murphy

Wraffly, name not known




Mr. Lucey and his English class

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinosaur dream #1 video

video of dinosaur dream #1.  Chiefrunnngtears on the bed in the background. Also up at small animals with short life spans.